Hello...my name is Brandi Sutherland.

I love life.
I love being able to bring beauty into this world through art, design, fashion and photography.

I have always loved creating things....whether it was snapping a cool landscape photo or redesigning my room every year (drove my mom crazy) I have always been a creator/artistically minded person.  I majored in Broadcast News at the University of Texas at Austin; "Hook'em Horns!"

Fast forward a few years I leaped at the chance to follow my passions!  With the support of my loving family I started my photography business back in 2008.  

In 2013, I started my interior design business and have been loving the ability to create fun and colorful spaces for clients as well as custom art pieces for their homes.

Most recently I have added lifestyle blogging to my porfolio.

What I love most is how all of my business are intertwined.  They allow me to create and let my mind run free!  This website has been created to launch the combination of all of my businesses into one home called "Studio Sutherland."  Thanks for stopping by!

Life is an awfully big adventure …